Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Manadge déploie sa solution au sein de Prisma Media Solutions et du Groupe Marie Claire

Découvrez pour quelles raisons le Groupe Marie-Claire et Prisma Media se sont dotés de la solution Manadge.

AdYouLike simplifie son suivi commercial programmatique grâce à la technologie Manadge

Apprenez en plus sur les avantages liés aux partenariats de Manadge avec Ad You Like.

Manadge identifie les acheteurs en programmatique, et automatise le mapping d’agences et d’annonceurs

Découvrez en plus sur le fonctionnement de la fonctionnalité "Mapping" de Manadge.

Manadge creates transparency in programmatic revenue for Prisma Media Group

Find out more about the advantages associated with Manadge’s partnerships with Prisma Media (one of the most prominent digital groups in France).

Why mappings should be automated ?

With the growth of programmatic advertising, publishers plug more and more SSPs through header bidding competition and other demand channels. It has brought them even more difficulties to get quick and comprehensive insights about their own programmatic activity.

Manadge launch Trends, the market performance and business opportunities

Learn more about the new Manadge's feature, Trends. It helps publishers to automatically builds personalized recommendations and business opportunities.

Manadge integrates new SSPs into its Workspace

Discover the new SSPs and connectors available into Manadge, such as OpenX, Pubmatic, Alliance Gravity and Improve Digital.

How to control your Ad Monetization with Floor Prices ?

Get the best practices for controlling your Ad Monetization by using Floor Prices.