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Manage your Advertising revenue from all your platforms (Direct Sales & Programmatic), in a simple and fast platform - finally.
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Trusted by top-performing companies


Powerful analytics to answer any question.

Take back control from all your partners. 
Access to aggregated and normalized revenue for data-driven decisions.
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Simple workflows to control your Deals & Campaigns.

Analyze deals & Campaigns performances, receive alerts for deactivated deals, and more. No need to invest hours in reports across your SSPs & Adservers.
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Pre-built sales pitch for upsell and new biz.

Give your sales team the tool they deserve to increase revenue on existing advertisers, and find out top buyers you don't have.
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Find all our connectors SSPs and Partners

Designed for Publishers, by Publishers.


Agencies, publishers, advertisers, positions and many more. Automate your mappings in real-time for any dimension, once and for all.

Alerts & Notifications

Never miss an Ad Unit drop off, or a new advertiser spending. Create your own alerts to be aware before it's too late.


Because we know how much excel can be missed. Export your normalized revenue. No row limit.

Manadge has the right platform for your daily tasks.

We know how many platforms you can use daily, and how hard it is to keep your revenue aggregated. Manadge is developed to help you daily.


Platform Specialists are dedicated to you, with AdOps and Yield experience.
We answer in < 1 hour !

Fastest platform

Experience the fastest advertising analytic platform.  Our average query respond in 0.8 second.
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Why mappings should be automated ?

With the growth of programmatic advertising, publishers plug more and more SSPs through header bidding competition and other demand channels. It has brought them even more difficulties to get quick and comprehensive insights about their own programmatic activity.

Manadge launch Trends, the market performance and business opportunities

Learn more about the new Manadge's feature, Trends. It helps publishers to automatically builds personalized recommendations and business opportunities.

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