Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Keep sales team aware of the market.

Access to top spenders in your market.

Identify advertisers, buyers, and agencies spending now on other publishers. Access to the eCPM applied, performances, format, deal type, and more.
Average revenue uplift generated across our clients.
Top advertisers everyday ranked by top spenders.

Only focus on advertisers that matter.

Sales people only want to access to data that's relevant to their portfolios. Filter on agencies, format, deal type you want to focus on. We keep your filters saved.

“Thanks to Manadge, we can easily manage a granular digital revenue for better transparency with advertisers at Prisma Media.”

Sabra El Ahmadi @ Prisma Media
Programmatic Account Manager

Upsell existing advertisers into deals.

Secure more budgets and create a close relationship with advertisers that are already spending on your inventory. 
We filter on top advertisers spenders in open auction, that match your deals pricing.

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