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yield managers

Leverage your Yield pricing with granularity data.

Access to 20+ dimensions, 15+ metrics, and infinite mappings to analyse your inventory and improve revenue and strategies for direct and programmatic channels.

Control and monitor your Header Bidding integrations.

With all your partners plugged in, control the performance of each one of them, by integration types (Prebid, Open Bidding, Amazon, TAM, etc), to identify those that really brings added value.

Build unified naming conventions for all placements.

Build your own naming conventions for all placements and analyse them to apply Yield pricing strategy related to their performances.

We now finally have a great tool to optimize and to especially save our time spent in everyday analysis.

Simone Chizzali @ Adasta Media

Make simple analysis with complex data.

Create dashboards with all the metrics and dimensions that you need to with previous periods, to compare formats, devices, or websites eCPM and CTR one to another.

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