Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Ad ops team

Control your campaigns wherever they are.

Manadge allows you to have a unified view on the lowest level of campaign to gain control on your delivery. Even if you have thousands of campaigns and deals every month, manage them with all the metrics you need.

Direct & programmatic unified, but separated.

Access your direct campaigns and programmatic deals in the same platform from all your ad servers and SSPs. Distinguish them with filters, and access to your own with your portfolio.

Analyze and optimize them in few clicks.

Filter your campaigns and analyse their performances (CTR, Viewability Rate, VTR), for each website, ad units, devices, formats and more. Make data-driven decisions for better delivery.

Be aware of under delivery and bad performances.

Receive alerts in your mailbox based on your conditions for your own campaigns. Control thresholds, metrics (impressions, VTR, CTR), and dimensions (Website, App, Device, Format) to never miss anything.

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