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Campaigns management made easy.

Deals & Campaigns management is probably the most complex part for a Publisher. We've simplified the day-to-day for Accounts Managers and AdOps with our Campaigns management platform.

Track deals metrics for better performances.

Deal platform lets you analyse all Private Auctions, Preferred deals or Guaranteed at the AdUnit's lowest level to more accurately optimize performances and points of friction.
average performance uplift with Manadge optimizations.
time saved with our unified platform for Accounts Managers.

Understand why your deal is not working.

Access to all Ad Units performances with CTR, Viewability Rate, VTR, CPC and many more metrics to easily analyse and make data-driven decisions.

Upsell when the time is right.

Discover Advertisers that are ready for upsell, or at risk of turn off deals, based on Deals performance and spends in Open Auction.

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