Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Powerful analysis accessible to anyone.

The Analytics Platform allows you to access your data instantly.
This makes it easy to answer question after question about how your inventory is performing, who is buying it, and much more.

Analyze revenue from all sources in detail.

Simplify revenue monitoring to everyone. Analyze revenue by partners, who is buying, placements performances, new advertisers spenders, and more.
Dimensions across all platforms, and infinite mappings possibilities.
Average response time to a query in our Analytics Platform.

Customize dashboards, for you or your team.

Use Manadge dashboards to monitor all of your partner's performance in one place. Unlike Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, they're easy to customize and really fast!

“Manadge allows me to consolidate all partners into one ultra-intuitive platform.”

Vincent d'Aguanno @ Bayard Media Development
Head of Ad Operations

Get alerted when
metrics change.

You can only fix problems you know about. Whether a placement revenue drop, or an agency just start spending with a new advertiser, Manadge can flag it for you.

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