Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Sales team

Simplify programmatic Sales day-to-day.

Programmatic sales struggle to know how much they've done yesterday for a specific agency and advertiser. It is now possible with Manadge automation and advanced analytics, and we kept it simple!

Agency and advertiser mappings with your naming conventions.

Automate your agency and advertiser mappings with rules based on your own conditions, and naming convention. For every new buyer, our engine will map it automatically.
Faster than any other mapping tool in the market.
Average time for our engine to map new dimensions.

Know who is buying and at what price.

Access 100% of your buyers across your partners to identify sales opportunities and analysis. Manadge normalize all buyers with their real name, DSP and Seat ID, which is highly important to know who is behind.

“Manadge is the global platform combining operational campaign monitoring and business opportunities.”

Paul Ripart @Prisma Media
Head of Programmatic Sales & Data

Access your agency portfolio in one click.

Sales people want to access only to data that matters to them. Create portfolios based on agencies or advertisers mappings, so they can easily focus their own business.

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