Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Webedia partners with Manadge for its commercial programmatic monitoring.

Webedia, a pure player company and one of the major global players in online entertainment, equipped its team with Manadge, the SaaS platform for aggregating advertising data. The sales house’s team now relies on Manadge technology to automate programmatic commercial monitoring.

"The customization and power of the mapping modules provided by Manadge offer a real time-saving in consolidating programmatic commercial revenues. Thanks to a custom integration, their solution allows us to daily feed our BI tools, providing each Business Unit and each salesperson with a precise and detailed view of the actual revenue and margins recorded in their areas." - comments Simon Kurtz @ Webedia.

The Self-Mapping module developed by Manadge allows the sales house team to have precise and personalized tracking of revenues by agency and advertiser on all programmatic platforms. This data is then ingested into the group's analytical suite and allows Webedia to have a comprehensive and granular view of their programmatic commercial revenues.

"Automating programmatic tasks is essential for publishers. This is what we have implemented with Webedia, both for daily sales tracking on our platform, but also for revenue management with our custom integration." - explains Nathan Venezia @Manadge.

This partnership confirms Manadge's ambition to simplify and automate the entire programmatic ecosystem in order to industrialize the usually manual daily tasks.