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Manadge creates transparency in programmatic revenue for Prisma Media Group

Prisma Media, a leading digital media group in France, has been working with Manadge, the most advanced analytics platform for publishers, since 2020 to monitor and control its global programmatic revenue.

The media group called on Manadge to improve the quality of the buy-side data insights used in Prisma’s internal Business Intelligence tool : Orion.

With the aim of bringing full transparency to on-demand data, the Manadge team identified more than 300,000 advertisers and 20,000 monthly buyers, duplicating across the dozen of SSPs used by the media group.

The technology company automated the identification and standardisation of advertisers and agencies according to Prisma Media’s norming convention to simplify global monitoring.

“Managing our programmatic revenue was very complicated due to the number of advertisers and the lack of standardisation of naming conventions. This is what the French advertising syndicate (SRI) shows in its annual top buyer survey, with nearly 20% of buyers unknown. Thanks to Manadge and its technology, we can easily control a granular digital revenue with more transparency details on advertisers and their spends at Prisma Media.” says Sabra El Ahmadi, programmatic account manager at Prisma Media

Through its technology and algorithms, Manadge has been able to identify and standardise over 95% of the media group’s advertiser clients.

“Prisma Media Group has a very advanced programmatic strategy to maximise its revenues, which has increased the number of its buyers and advertisers exponentially. This fully automated work through Manadge’s technology comes to provide the transparency that any programmatic Seller is looking for.” comments Nathan Venezia, CEO at Manadge

This partnership confirms Manadge’s ambition to automate and simplify the entire programmatic ecosystem. By partnering with the world’s leading sellers and buyers, Manadge is creating a neutral ecosystem across all programmatic technologies.