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What's new on Manadge

November 2022

Add to mapping from widget

Easily include an unmapped dimension from your dashboard to a specific mapping rule, or to a new one.

So you don't have to go back and forth, whenever you see an unmapped mapping in your dashboard widget, you can now click on the "+" next to the line to add it to the specific mapping you want.


Video Error Rate metric

Video Error Rate metric is now available as a new metric for your Deals.

Add this metric in your Table views or in your Deals' table to analyse your deals and be aware of any issue that could happen.


SSP Syncing information

Check whether all or some SSPs are still syncing for yesterday data.

In your SSP page, you can now see which SSP is synced, and the ones that are currently syncing. Note that depending on the partner, they can be loaded later during the day.