Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Manadge signs a partnership with Amnet France to bring transparency with Sales Houses

Amnet France partners with Manadge, the SaaS platform for monitoring programmatic advertising. For consolidated investments and campaign performance monitoring with Manadge's publishers partners, Dentsu's group trading desk relies now on the Manadge platform.

“ With Manage, we can control our investments accurately without generating and sorting through multiple Excel reports, which is a real time saver. We can also easily monitor our PMPs' delivery and performance using the deal management feature thanks to the alerts feature.” - comments Anthony Loyez @Amnet France.

Through Manadge's self-mapping feature, sales houses are able to automate reporting and monitoring of spend with a high level of granularity. In addition to saving time and preventing human error, the data is understandable and more accurate.

“We  are pleased to support Amnet, a leading trading desk and pioneer in programmatic advertising, in tracking spend with our sales houses partners, an often manual task for media traders.” - says Alexandre Rifflard @Manadge.

With this collaboration, Manadge confirms its commitment to simplify and automate the entire programmatic ecosystem with the aim of industrializing the day-to-day tasks that are typically done manually.

By partnering with leading media companies, specialist companies and programmatic buyers, Manage is creating a neutral and agnostic ecosystem across all programmatic technologies