Manadge has been acquired by Triton Digital
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Manadge continues its growth in Italy with new partner Adasta

Manadge, the Advertising Management Platform specialized in programmatic, extend its presence in the Italian market with the Sales House Adasta. Using the Manadge technology, Adasta can easily analyze its AdStack and increase monetization performance across all its publishers.

“Managde technology has perfectly fitted the needs of Adasta team to have one single view for all the data coming from different ad exchanges and demand partners. Fully supported during the set up of our dashboard, we now finally have a great tool to optimize and to especially save our time spent in everyday analysis.” - comments Simone Chizzali  @ Adasta

Adasta is therefore able to control all its Publishers from one single view thanks to the Mapping Engine. With high data granularity available in Manadge’s platform, its Mapping Engine provides automated, personalized, and real-time aggregation of data across all SSP partners, allowing greater ease in reading and understanding its inventory. It is an indefinable time saver.

“We are excited to work with Adasta. The company offers optimized monetization to publishers with its advanced stack. By using the Manadge platform, Adasta has a better understanding of its inventory and optimize performances across all partners.” - comments Nathan Venezia, CEO @ Manadge.

This partnership confirms Manadge's ambition to scale across all Sellers in Europe (Publishers, Sales Houses), simplify the programmatic market, and automate most manual tasks.