Supply Path Optimization

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950€ per study
Agency Report
Get a closer look at agencies spends by Open Auction and Deals ID.

> Manadge analyzes DSPs reports sent by agencies. We compare this data with the SSPs data, and we always rely on this set of data to make comparisons with the data from Manadge.
This is a tripartite work between Manadge, the agency and the publisher.
With the Manadge's study SPO you will be able to :

> access EVERY Seller & Resellers on the sales house's scope.
> identify direct and indirect sellers.
> identify revenue discrepancy between SSPs and DSPs, and where it comes from.
A feedback meeting is schedule at the end of the study.
Complete study file
Manadge provides a file with the recommendations that the publisher can share with the agency.

What is Supply Path Optimization, and why does the ad industry need SPO ?

Supply Path Optimization (SPO) is a process that involves evaluating and optimizing the path that advertising inventory takes from the publisher to the buyer in programmatic advertising. SPO is all about making the buying and selling of ad inventory more efficient.

By optimizing the supply path, SPO can help buyers and sellers achieve their goals more efficiently. For buyers, SPO can help reduce costs and improve the quality of inventory, while for sellers, it can help maximize revenue and improve the user experience on their website.

What this study offers you ?

As a publisher, here are some of the benefits that you can expect to receive from our study :

> Increased transparency : Manadge evaluates the different paths that buyers take to purchase your inventory. This study will help you gain a better understanding of how your inventory is being sold and who is buying it. This will increased transparency and it will help you make more informed decisions about pricing and inventory allocation.

> Improved monetization : Manadge identifies the most efficient purchasing paths, this study will help you increase your revenue by maximizing the value of each impression. This can be particularly valuable in a market where programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly competitive.

> Better user experience : Manadge optimizes the purchasing path, it will reduce latency and improve the overall user experience for your visitors. This will lead to higher engagement and better retention rates.

> Data-driven insights : with this study you will be based on a thorough evaluation of numerous variables, providing you with data-driven insights into the performance of your inventory. This will help you take more informed decisions about your advertising inventory and improve your overall performance.

Matching Revenue

Our Supply Path Optimization study will help you identify these discrepancies by matching the revenue identified by sales houses with the actual revenue received by the publisher. This will provide you a more accurate view of your revenue and help you identify any areas where you may be losing money.

Overall, it will help you have a better understanding with a more accurate view of your revenue, and help you identify any areas where you can optimize your sales process.


Our Supply Path Optimization study will help you reconcile your revenue generated by SSPs and DSPs within a defined scope. This means that the study will look at a specific set of transactions between SSPs and DSPs and ensure that the revenue generated from these transactions is accurately reported and allocated to the correct parties.

It will also help you reconcile this discrepancy by identifying any discrepancies in the fees or commissions charged by the SSPs and DSPs. By reconciling the revenue generated by SSPs and DSPs within a defined scope, this study will provide a more accurate view of your revenue and identify any areas where optimization can be made.